You will have to score grades with your essay writing skills in your high school, college or university. It is not possible when you make some common essay writing errors in your homework. To make it clear, you need to write your essays perfectly so you can score good grades and impress your readers. Fortunately, in this blog we feature some of the most common essay writing mistakes students make in their writing. So read on to improve your essay writing skills and do not end up losing grades.

Common Essay Writing Mistakes to Avoid

1. Plagiarism Issues

Drafting an essay is not a very difficult but when it comes to writing from scratch, it is one of the most common essay writing mistakes made by students. Though, they might not copy directly from the source but failing to reference properly is also regarded as plagiarism. If you are found with the plagiarized work, you are damaging your reputation. To avoid it, make sure to deliver an authentic and original essay to make it count. If you lack paraphrasing skills, you need to check the originality report through plagiarism detecting software to identify where you failed to paraphrase. In this way, you can make your content original and avoid this mistake.

2. Adding Loads of Arguments and Facts

Many students with intention to increase word count tend to include loads of facts and arguments. It will be appreciated if you are writing a dissertation or a research paper but an essay needs to be written much precisely without making a fuzz. Even your professor will insist you to include relevant facts and arguments that can support your point instead of making it look clumsy. You need to write a unique topic sentence in each paragraph to create an enticing piece to appeal readers. Therefore, you need to make sure to add the information and facts or even a diagram that supports your argument and essay. It can also lead you to score good grades and avoid making this common essay writing mistake.

3. Writing Confusing Statements

Third on the list of common essay writing mistakes is writing confusing statements. Students make this mistake either when they lack paraphrasing skills or they lack the knowledge on the topic. In order to avoid this mistake, you need to learn more about the topic and gather such information that is not complicated. Another way is to consult different source for the data collection on the same topic that you can paraphrase easily. Here your research skills will be tested so you can gather more information on the same topic.

It is most important to write clear and avoid writing confusing statements as your essay will look more complicated. When the teachers spend much time reviewing your essay, you might score low grades due to this mistake. You can also proofread your essay after writing to identify the confusing statements and rewrite them from a different source to overcome this issue. Besides, you can also seek help from professional essay writers who have experience in the field of research writing. In this way, you can boost your grades while also focus your time on other subjects.

4. Ignoring Instructions and Guidelines

One of the most common essay writing mistakes is to ignore the instructions and guidelines set by your tutors and professors. If you do not follow those instructions, you will certainly make the mistake that costs you grades. Since each instructor and institution has a difference set of guidelines, you need to read and make sure to follow them. There are guidelines and instructions regarding the formatting style, referencing style or the submission process. Some teachers ask the student to submit initial draft or outline before progressing with the topic. On the other hand, there are some teacher who ask the students to submit their work online through student portals. In each case, it is important to understand instructions so you can follow the process of writing and submitting your essay without affecting your grades.

In a case you fail to follow instructions, your professor can ask you to revise where you made a mistake. After revising your work, you can resubmit to save your grades. There are also some instructors or professors who can directly reject your paper and you do not get a chance to improve your work. So, you have to be sure what are your essay writing instructions and you need to follow in order to avoid this mistake. Otherwise, you will end up in a rejection where you will lose marks which makes it a costly mistake.

Ask Essay Writing Experts

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To Sum up

This blog featured the most common essay writing mistakes that students make and end up losing their grades. In order to avoid those mistakes, students need to improve their essay writing skills, proofread their work, learn to paraphrase and read instructions to follow them properly. A way out is to ask the essay writing professionals to do their work so they can focus on other subjects or chores without worrying about their homework.

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