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International Business Free Essay Sample

Topic: International Perspective in Organisations

Task 1: What types of political risk would companies entering England and China, face? Identify and describe three for each of these two countries and evaluate their possible similarities and differences.

The aim of this essay is to discuss the political risk to the companies entering the two countries such as China and England. The discussions have been made as below

Political risk in England
For every firm or business investing in the ENGLAND, considering Brexit will be the first choice on the list. A year ago, no big firm believed that Britain could leave the EU. However, it took 39 years of tireless work to harmonize standards, integrate markets and create cross-border supply chains, and companies now have the opportunity to fight, if not all, of them. The main issue in the financial sector is access to the market and the security of contracts and the fact that large companies, supply chains and components and raw materials can pull out of the border (Wei et al., 2015). According to the consultant, the change made in the new order is similar to the attempt to open a tight paste. The task is complex, expensive, and after work, you are not sure whether the food is delicious.

It is concluded that in many ways Brexit is a geopolitical story, not an end but a beginning. Making the world’s richer markets more efficient means that the United Kingdom is considering a number of business transactions. Nevertheless, all potential partners need access to the market share that is protected from market opening. Each transaction has its own time bomb. There are long-term political risks that are important for international investors who invest in the England and China. Political risk is political and social development that can affect the value of foreign investments or the repayment or repayment of cross-border loans. By measuring architectural risk, investors can understand the intention to repay the country’s debt. An analysis of all political risks is an important factor for international investors before investing in the England and China.

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Topic: Psychological Analysis of Political Influence on People’s Voting Behaviour

Voting is an electoral act. Understanding voter behaviour can explain how and why decision makers make decisions, what the attention of political scientists or voters are. Political science and psychological expertise are necessary to explain voting behaviour, and therefore a field of political psychology has emerged. Researchers in the field of political psychology investigated how emotional influence can help voters make a more informed choice (Vasilopoulou 2016). Some people believe that influence can explain how voters make wise political choices, despite the overall level of political attention and complexity.

Psychological Concept
Psychological concepts are widely used in voter behaviour, political socialisation, political leadership, public opinion dynamics, political relations, political conflicts and cooperation, international negotiations, decision-making and recent research in the field of political information processing (Willumsen and Goetz 2017). Several models have been developed in the hopes of explaining why people vote the way they do. However, all of these models are not being discussed in this paper. In this section, the psychological model has been discussed to explain electoral behaviour.

From the points discussed in this paper, it can be concluded that the elections are often a management phenomenon by celebrities who have no experience at any level in the country. Every election will be killed by the citizens for a long time, but it will happen every time. Any model of electoral behaviour that we have established so far cannot explain it and therefore needs an additional explanation. To ensure that the British political environment favours the transition from the sphere of celebrities, it is possible to analyse that celebrities are usually the protagonists of characters from films or social documentaries.

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Information Technology Free Essay Sample

Topic: Impact of Cloud Computing In Business Environment

Cloud Computing and Cloud Storage
Cloud computing has influenced many businesses activities. Around all of the businesses are using cloud computing in today’s world to protect their information and other data. Cloud computing is an internet server that can participate in questions at any time (Botta, De Donato, Persico and Pescapé, 2016). Businesses can access the information on cloud service via an internet connection through any mobile device or a fixed network that is present everywhere. Cloud service providers offer their users from different providers of hosting, who are often distributed all over the world. This measure has reduced the costs of the businesses, it has ensured more efficient operations and makes the websites invulnerable to cyber criminals, police raids and their local authorities.

Types of Clouds and Business Suitability
There are 3 types of cloud computing: the public, the private and the hybrid. If you have a company and plan to use a cloud service, keep in mind that the choice will depend on factors related to cost, availability, performance and expectations. According to Hashem et al, (2015), the types of cloud are defined as; Public Cloud, Private Cloud and Hybrid Cloud.

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Many businesses are today using the cloud computing services to protect the information of the businesses and other data. Companies can have access to this data and other information at any time they want. To protect the data and other information from any damage, service providers have initiated different solutions such as, encrypted connections, IP protocols and TCP along with other different malware and spy-ware software which has influenced businesses in today’s world.

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Media Sciences Free Essay Sample

Topic: The Ways Music Video Aesthetics Influencing the Production and Consumption of Contemporary Film and New Media

The purpose of this article is to study how the aesthetics of a music video affects the production and consumption of modern and new media. Studies by Korsgaard (2017) have shown that music videos range from instruments for playing in a group to concerts with millions of dollars. Over the years, music videos have had a great influence on the growing popularity of music and helped create artists. Music videos can help artists create emotions and accelerate their success. Shaviro (2017) found that music videos can help promote films and television programs. In addition, one of the theoretical Vernallis (2013), suggested that a music video was also used to determine a person’s race, class, sex performance and performance. The digital world has played a significant role in the innovative approach to music video using new technologies. Through various programs and ideas, music revolves around the mind and acts as a music therapy. Musical tones, lyrics, and videos reinforce the feelings of the viewers (Williams, 2018).

Aesthetic Consumption in Music Videos According to New Media.
The study of Hawkins (2015) showed that David Boardwell and his colleagues are trying to make a video clip based on an aesthetic and cultural past in 1985. However, some people believe that music video is a unique type and that media adaptation of academic excellence is required, including changing the effects of images, music, and lyrics. The study examined efforts to improve the condition of the type, including the study of music videos (Bradt, Dileo, Magill, and Teague, 2016). As a person consciously practicing in the video clip, may mention the format of the media predecessor. Unless another investigation requires debate, music videos should be viewed historically. The study examines the structural composition of music videos and the analysis of artistic skills. As stated in the Stoneman (2015) review, music videos challenge the public first and foremost, so the individual should try to read them.

Music communication is emerging in the development of musicology under the premise of the rapid development of contemporary music media. In the contemporary era, the connotation, quality, quantity, quality and social music values, aesthetics and aesthetics of music culture have undergone dramatic changes. It is worth mentioning one of the recommendations for future analysis, which reflects the rational use of these categories, which contribute to the discussion of the cultural impact of video editing in international aesthetics. Thus, this article offers an improved tool that allows us to bypass general interpretations and ensure accuracy for aesthetic searches.

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