When it comes to essay writing, you will start with the introduction of the essay as first things first. However, the first step of the essay writing is not the intro part rather it is very technical. In this blog, we feature the 3 simple steps to help you how to write an essay without wasting any time. So make sure to follow the simple steps to write an essay to meet your urgent deadlines.

Step 1: Comprehensive Research for Essay

Essay introduction is not what you want to tell about in your essay, rather it has an enormous impact on a reader and your tutor. You can make sure to do a comprehensive research and take time to gather data. By starting with catchy intro line, you can attract a reader to go through an entire essay or your reader can finish up to first two lines.

So conduct a research for how to put numbers and statistics that are associated with your topic. You can add a fact with reference to make it more appealing in the second or third line of the introduction paragraph of an essay. Do not reveal the results of essay in introduction rather end it with a line so that the readers want to go through your entire essay. All that is achieved with the thorough research for your essay and the resources.

Step 2: Headstart with the Headings

It is certain that an essay has three headings but your discussion or body headings can be categorised into headings. So make sure to write catchy headings to make your essay more appealing instead of writing a number of paragraphs to keep the reader guessing what it is about. An essay with captivating headings will also highlight your essay outline.

Avoid making your body heading look like bricks of words and make headings under the body section. An important tip is to paraphrase the headings that have been used in journals, articles and research papers you come across during your research.

Step 3: Keeping it Simple yet Striking

It is easier to finish an essay writing task with the conclusion section by highlighting all the points. But it is not what the conclusion is about. Make sure to pre-conclude your essay in the last paragraph of the main body as it reveals the outcome of your discussion or body content. Afterwards, you can start your conclusion with the main findings starting from what it was about. The cherry on the top is to finish conclusion with future implications of your findings.