Writing a general admission essay for an institute is quite a challenge, and writing an MBA admission essay is even more complicated. Indeed, the selection group does not consist of regular teachers. They all have an MBA background and have certain skills and qualities. These people are looking for job seekers with the same entrepreneurial spirit, attitude, and capabilities, and an interest in studying accounting, finance, and especially marketing. They are looking for stable candidates who are good at solving problems and don’t panic in stressful situations. It is not easy to demonstrate all these skills in one essay. Don’t worry, we will share an MBA admission essay writing hacks to help you impress your MBA admission board.

MBA Admission Essay Writing Tips and Tricks

1. Use an accurate tone throughout the essay

The way you communicate things in your essay is important. In other words, the tone must be positive and not impetuous. Avoid using foul language or slang language that seems casual. Remember that you are applying for an MBA admission. At the same time, it is a professional conversation, namely a paper interview. Imagine yourself sitting in front of MBA recruiters and talking to them.

When talking about yourself, state the facts, but don’t be over the top. Do not be overconfident, it will give the impression that you are superior to other candidates. When you share your accomplishments, it is wise to start by saying “It is an honor for me …” or “It has been a pleasure for me to have” or “It is very exciting to…” Stay humble and polite.

2. Answer the questions

This point may seem obvious, but it has to be followed. Although you can talk about many interesting topics, you should stick to the topics asked in the essay. When the MBA candidate submits a long article, although it may be interesting, if it has not answered any questions then it’s no longer interesting. So make sure to answer all the necessary information in your MBA admission essay.

3. Stick to the word count

When essay writing for MBA admission, candidates often exceed the word limit. The admissions committee gets thousands of essays on a daily basis. They will have a negative impression of any candidate who exceeds the word limit. When asked to write an essay of 1000 words, don’t exceed it. This will give them the impression that you cannot follow the instructions provided and for this reason, you will fail to qualify.  

4. Be specific

Try to be specific in your MBA admission essay. Include valuable information and avoid writing anything that is not relevant, this will increase the word count. A well-written admission essay doesn’t have to be lengthy, it should be precise and accurate. Accurately check and verify the essay once done, your essay must be free from grammar and spelling errors. Whether you are looking for the best or cheap universities in UK to do your MBA, you will always need to be specific and relevant with your answers. Without beating about the bush, you need to define your vision; what this MBA means to you; how you will progress after MBA and the long-term objectives.

5. Explain why you are the perfect candidate

In your MBA admission essay, state clearly why you are the perfect candidate for the program. Tell the admission committee how much you are interested in the university’s course or curriculum, how your skills and experience will benefit the entire course plan, and most importantly how this course is relevant to your career plan.

The selection committee is looking for enthusiastic and focused graduate students, so the essay should discuss why you want to graduate in business and what you want to achieve from a particular course. In addition, share your skills, achievements, and experience that are relevant to the field you are choosing.

6. Discuss short term and long term goals

According to an MBA admission recruiter, you must mention your short and long term career goals. On one hand, it should demonstrate your determination and that you are interested in the course and that your intentions are clear. Second, it brings back to the fact that you taking a specific course because it brings you closer to your professional aspirations.

Stating your short and long term goals is so important that some MBA programs specifically include this question for applicants. The question may be, “What are your short term and long term goals? How can our institute help you achieve these goals?” Therefore, do not underestimate the impact of your speech and consider your responses in advance.

7. Seek help if you need

Even the most professional writers need help sometimes. Ask someone to read your essay, check for spelling or grammar mistakes, check if you’ve answered all the questions correctly. By taking feedback from someone, you can identify if something is missing and you can edit it. Ask people who are well versed in the application process and make sure that they not only convince you that everything is well-written but also give you quality feedback. If you don’t have anyone to review your essay, you can buy an MBA admission essay help online from the experts at British Essay Writers Empire.

As long as you follow these tips, you can write a good MBA admission essay that will bring you one step closer to getting admission to your favorite institute.