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Need help with persuasive essay writing? Of course, you do, because this is one of the challenging compositions that you need to write as part of your academic work. Whether you are attending your college or a university, writing persuasive essay is one task that you need to expect as your homework. If you have some good writing skills to convince your readers with emotive language and support the hard evidence using references; you might not need help. But if you don’t, you are still on the right track to get the best persuasive writing ideas. First, you need to learn about persuasive essay and how it is written.

What is Persuasive Essay Writing?

Unlike descriptive essay writing, a persuasive essay requires a writer to present the arguments to convince the reader towards a particular point of view. It requires good research, knowledge, and awareness of the reader’s prejudices to persuade him. You need to use several persuasive techniques and arguments to compose a logical argument for good persuasive essay writing.


How to Write a Persuasive Essay?

The persuasive essay is written in a systematic structure as any other essay that includes the introduction, body, and conclusion section. You need to state your topic and opinion in the introduction and reiterate your argument with facts and evidence from different sources to convince readers. Finally, you need to make a robust conclusion that leaves no doubt in the reader’s mind. The best persuasive essay writing example is one that demonstrates why the opposing view is inappropriate and why your point of view is correct.


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Proven Tips for a Flawless Persuasive Essay Writing

Persuasive Essay Writing Structure and Format

Before proceeding with the task, you need to plan it well so you remain on the right track. For that, you need to create an outline and structure of the persuasive essay. The outline specifies the headlines, subtitles, and points you need to discuss. As per the structure and format, you need to present evidence in each paragraph along with arguments and there are five or six paragraphs.


Persuasive Essay Writing Topic Selection

Everyone loves to read a good topic when it comes to the essay. The topic selection will not only entice your readers but it will also help you write more about the topic. So make sure to select a topic that you know and one that is trending. For the persuasive essay writing topics, the controversial issues contribute to this type of genre. It might include discussions on religion, sex, politics, and cultural taboos among others. Another thing to consider while making a topic selection is to understand the audience who will read the essay. You cannot discuss politics or cultural taboos for every audience.

Tips for persuasive essay writing ideas

Introduction Paragraph

You need to introduce your topic naturally but with more clarity and in an appealing way. You can grab the reader’s attention by highlighting the background of the topic and state a thesis statement. There are also some key elements to your persuasive essay writing introduction.


Hook: You cannot appeal to a reader unless you use a hook. Also known as an attention grabber, a hook can be a relevant statistic, a quotation, a joke, or an anecdote that essay writers use to capture the reader’s interest. So you must use a hook in your essay to make a good first impression.

Thesis Statement: Once you have used the hook, it is time to state your topic with the thesis statement. It is to express your opinion about the subject that you will discuss in detail in the body paragraphs.

Background: A brief overview of the topic will give an idea to the readers of what they can expect from the discussion. Here you need to write a clear background in a few sentences to weigh up different opinions when writing a body paragraph on the subject.


Body Paragraphs

After developing the foundation of your essay in the intro, this paragraph consists of the arguments you will make to support your opinion and thesis. There will be different paragraphs and each will focus on a particular point to support or refute the argument. In persuasive essay writing, either you support the arguments or oppose them, but you need evidence and explanation for that. Many writers use the TEEL approach that is an acronym for Topic sentence, Explanation, Evidence, and Link.


Topic Sentence: It is the first sentence of the paragraph that introduces the paragraph where you present arguments. In the topic sentence you need to mention whether you are supporting or refuting the subject you proposed.

Explain: You will illustrate your point made in the previous sentence with an explanation. Write a succinct explanation and be more precise when explaining your argument.

Evidence: All your arguments will be vague without the evidence. So make sure to find the evidence in the form of statistics or anecdotal evidence. Your argument will weigh more with the evidence you provide to support it.

Link: When explaining your argument further, you need to link your argument to the next point you will discuss. In other words, your last sentence of the first paragraph should form a bridge to the next paragraph’s topic sentence. This will not only add more clarity but it will keep you on track and make it easier to conclude your essay as a consistent whole.



Do not confuse the conclusion paragraph of your persuasive essay with the summary. This part of your essay weaves together the key arguments you made throughout the essay and reiterates why you support or refute your thesis. You do not need to add anything new here. Tie everything back to the proposed thesis statement in a short write up using monosyllabic words if possible. By using simple language in the last paragraph, it will have a great impact as you close your persuasive essay writing.

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Important Persuasive Essay Writing Ideas and Tips

  • Before writing a persuasive essay, make sure to choose from some good persuasive essay topics that are debatable. You can also select a topic that reflects your passion and one you can argue about.
  • Conduct thorough research on your subject as you need to provide detailed and compelling evidence. There is some interesting persuasive essay writing topics for which it is necessary to conduct library-based research so you can find compelling information.
  • When writing the introduction section for your persuasive essay topics, must use a hook to appeal to your readers. Similar to the descriptive essay writing, you can use a direct quote to make a good start.
  • Make sure to introduce a new element for the next paragraph while also connecting it with the previous one. The best persuasive essay writing example is to support or refute based on evidence and using strong emotive language.
  • Use present tense whenever writing persuasive texts and always be logical with your argument. Your discussion will weigh more if you can relate your point with a biblical source, a historical example of a peer-reviewed study.
Interesting persuasive essay topics

Is persuasive essay writing the same as argumentative essay writing?

Technically, there are a few primary differences between the two. An argumentative essay requires the writer to adopt an academic approach and back up arguments with evidence. In contrast, persuasive essay writing requires the reader to write with heartfelt emotion to defend his or her opinion. For argumentative writing, the writer has to dig deep to explore facts to prove arguments.


Is it difficult to find evidence in persuasive essay writing?

No, if you have good research skills and you know how to link the evidence with the argument. Otherwise, it will be challenging to back your argument in a persuasive essay. Finding evidence for an essay is similar to finding information about any assignment writing task.


What comprises good persuasive essay writing?

Apart from good emotive writing skills, some good persuasive essay writing topics make it interesting. Everyone certainly loves to read if it’s interesting. Additionally, you need to focus on the introduction section with a hook and thesis statement to make a reader go further.


What are some good higher English persuasive topics?

When we talk about some good persuasive essay ideas or persuasive essay topics, the controversial topics grab the attention of readers. Any topic that cannot be concluded without evidence can be considered as a good persuasive writing topic. One of the best persuasive essay topic examples is “should violent video games be banned?” One can argue that such games have possible adverse consequences and you have to provide facts. Another such persuasive topic is “why smoking is not banned?”


What are some higher English persuasive essay examples?

For the students in high school or college, the topics vary due to regional differences. The students can choose the best persuasive essay topics UK as per their location. For instance, why people should or should not have voted for Brexit? This is a good thought-provoking topic for the students in the UK. Some other persuasive essay topics higher English include why fast food is qualified as food? There is another persuasive essay topic for higher English students that is why recycling should be made mandatory?


What are the best and interesting persuasive essay topics to write about?

Some of the examples of persuasive essay topics for UK students are presented below.

  1. Making school uniforms mandatory to promote discipline
  2. Developing a healthy lifestyle should be taught in schools and colleges
  3. Implement strategies to improve linguistically and avoid sexist language
  4. Paper books should not be replaced with E-books
  5. Theories to improve organizational behaviour should be taught
  6. Teaching body language along with verbal communication
  7. Cultural diversity must be a subject for students
  8. Underage girls are allowed for abortions in the UK
  9. There should be a mental health policy in every organization
  10. Gaining skills is more important than obtaining grades


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