COVID has imparted its traces on everything in this world including education. That is the reason for post-Covid immigration policies for foreign students fabricated by the government. Due to this contagious disease, some immigrant students were stuck in the UK while others managed to escape to their homeland. Many have got their visas and study permits expired as they are studying online during the lockdown.

Now, when the vaccine is introduced and things are moving towards a normal state, the immigrant students are also supposed to return to their study places. Also, there are some Post-COVID policies for university students in the UK that they have to follow to continue their studies. This article is dedicated to guiding students further regarding the post-Covid immigration policies so they can carry on their education.

Studying in the UK – Post COVID Policies for Immigrant Students

The rule for Immigration Permission

Every foreign student in the UK needs current Immigration Permission to enter the UK. The validity of permission is very significant to study in the UK Post-COVID. But they are very reluctant to take back the individuals from another country so they take multiple measures to gain certainty that there is no trace of COVID-19.

Schemes for the students with expired Immigration Permission

Some students are facing difficulties in studying in the UK Post-COVID; because of the expired immigration permission. But, they do not need to stress out because the UK has introduced a policy COVID Visa Concession Scheme (CVCS). It states that if your immigration permission has expired, then you can return to the UK under CVCS.

After that, you have to apply for Indefinite Leave to Remain. They further state that if your leave has not expired yet, then you can continue the application process from your native country. Furthermore, the government will update the status of your application to extend the permission to leave for a limited time.

The post-COVID policies for UK students further assure that they will authorize your chosen airline for boarding a flight. They also assert to inform the eligibility and in-eligibility of the immigrant students in the UK as well.

Students Testing for Covid 19

The post-COVID policies for university students also require students to provide negative COVID-19 test reports. Unarguably, to make sure that the individual is not in a danger zone or contagious. Thus students need to be very careful while living in their home country, to return successfully to resume their education in the UK.

Self-Isolation after returning to the UK

Another condition of the post-Covid policies for immigrant students in the UK is to complete the isolation period. In other words, you have to isolate yourself from the day you enter the UK for a few days. It is essential for the sake of protection and then after verification, you are free to go to your hostel or university.

People from Travelling Corridors

The rule for the people coming from the travel corridors, do not have to make quarantine, after returning.

Picking-up service for individuals in the UK

Some policies ensure picking-up service for students from the airport. They are also working to keep their terminals of the airport free from contracting the virus. To ensure the safety of all passengers, the authorities control the flow of people at the airport. Ultimately, this effort helps you maintain the social distancing between travelers.

Covid-19 Vaccination for Immigrants students

The post-COVID policies for immigrant students also assure the vaccination of the students entering the UK. It protects the foreign students to move freely within the country and affirms their safety to join physical classes.

New Admission policy for foreigner students

Universities in the UK are also working on the UCAS (University and College Admission Program) strategy. It will enable the immigrant students to submit applications for undergraduate and postgraduate programs, as well as for Bachelor’s, Master’s, MPhil, and Ph.D. Degree education.

Hybrid Teaching and Learning system

The universities have adopted a blended program of teaching. With this hybrid learning system, students can come to their academic institutions for physical classes to have a face-to-face interaction with their teacher. Also, they will attend online classes for some subjects. In this way, the immigrant students in the UK will not lose their focus and dedication to achieve their academic endeavours.

Online Academic Help and Consultation for Students

Most of the UK universities and colleges facilitate students with online classes and consultation as part of their online consultation policy. Thus, you will not have to worry about the interaction with the teachers when it comes to online education.

Final Words

To conclude, the policies of the UK for immigrant students post-Covid are advantageous and protected. They are designed to overcome the challenges that students are facing because of this pandemic. The policy not only ensures the continuation of education of foreign students, but it also ensures their safety in the UK. We hope you find this article useful to seek guidance regarding the post-Covid immigrant student policies in the UK.