Academic writing is all about research paper writing and essay writing where both require close attention. A student cannot expect a good grade unless he had done a thorough research writing from a draft to a final document. It requires in-depth research, topic selection, and formatting among other elements to impress a reader. If you cannot deliver such a research paper then this blog is especially for you. So read on to find out how to write a flawless research paper that captures the reader’s attention and get you recognized.

Tips to Write a Great Research Paper

1. Accept the task and focus

The first step to excellent research paper writing is to intentionally go for it and schedule your time to write. Since it is complicated, you need to work regularly to finish it on time with good quality.

2. Start with baby steps

After understanding the topic, you need to focus your attention on the lengthy process of research. Here you need to organize time according to the units of the research paper. Specifically, you need to break down the research paper into smaller units so you can work with dedication to each unit.

3. Read and understand the research paper instructions

Every college or university has a list of instructions to be followed while writing a research paper. To be accepted and appreciated, you need to understand and follow all the research paper instructions. The research writers at British Essay Writers Empire follow the instructions and document brief before getting started. Because, once you understand the instructions, you can plan and work accordingly.

4. Finalize the topic selection

Now you have to finalize your research topic for which you have to conduct research as well as discuss it with your teacher. A good way is to find similar peer-reviewed researches that indicate that there is more information on the topic and you can carry on. The more papers for your research topic also ensures that you can have several references that encourage research reliability.

5. Conduct Secondary Research

The literature research or a secondary research is required to gather information that is relevant to your topic. When you collect information, keep a record of the keywords you used to conduct the research as it is also appreciated when you publish your research in a journal. You can refer to some reliable and authentic academic research databases to write literature review for your research. Those databases include Jstor, ScienceDirect, and IEEE Xplore among others.

6. Clarify the thesis statement

The thesis statement is a write up that defines what you intend to do in your research. It not only explains the motive of your research but also defines your research title. It is important to write a thesis statement in the introduction section.

7. Start research paper writing

Starting with the introduction, you need to add topic sentences in the body paragraphs so you can relate them to the topic. Avoid adding tempting words as it will diminish the writing quality of your research. You need to paraphrase the information you have collected and it leads us to the next step that is to cite the resources.

8. Adding citations and sources

To avoid plagiarism in your research writing, you need to add the citations for the source of data collection. That is similar to the referencing the sources you do in assignment writing for any subject. Whenever you make an argument or counter-argument based on a theory, you need to include a citation from where the argument is made. Make sure to mention citation as per the required format that can be APA, MLA, Oxford, or Chicago referencing style among others.

9. Write an abstract for a research paper

Whether it is an abstract or an executive summary, you need to write it before the table of contents so the reader can have an idea of your research topic, key findings, and conclusion. You need to write this abstract between 200-250 words depending upon the guidelines of the institute.

10. Revise and edit the research paper

Once you are done with the research paper writing, you need to read the instructions to identify whether any improvement is needed. You also need to look for formatting, referencing, and any other issues in your writing. Here you are making a paper that is worth submitting as per the guidelines.

11. Proofread research paper

Your hard work will pay off if you can deliver a flawless research paper and it is only possible if there are no grammatical or typing errors. There are many online tools such as Grammarly, 1Checker, and WhiteSmoke among others to check for mistakes. After identifying mistakes, correct them so you can have an improved version of your writing with zero errors.

12. Check for plagiarism

To promote the authenticity and originality of the academic work, the scholars and teachers will check your work through plagiarism detecting software. It will indicate the originality percentage where the acceptable range is between 85-90% for originality. In other words, you are allowed a 10%-15% leverage for plagiarism depending upon the instructions and guidelines provided by the institute. You need to rectify your writing in case your plagiarism percentage exceeds the acceptable limit.

13. Asking your peers or seniors

Your friends or peers who know about your topic can be of significant help in improving your research paper. They can help you with any trouble regarding research or concluding your research. You can ask them for suggestions as they have experience in research paper writing and can identify improvements in your work.

14. Getting a second thought from teachers

You cannot underestimate the experience and wisdom of your teachers, so take time to learn more or ask for any help. If you are finished writing your research paper then you can ask your teacher to have a look or read the abstract to have an idea of the research. It is only possible to make improvements if you have finished your work on time.

There you have it, all you need to know about writing an impeccable research paper. We hope this guide helps you with writing a good research paper that can impress your teacher. Make sure to start and finish your work on the schedule so you can rectify any issues. Plagiarism is academic misconduct so write an original research paper or ask our expert writers to write it for you. If you want your research paper to be published without rejection, you need to follow the above-mentioned tips thoroughly.