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British Essay Writers Empire Writing Team Is Working In Shifts

Certainly, it’s a wise decision taken by the company and its winning hearts. Employees are the company’s greatest asset and the websites that provide services know this very well. Therefore, our company has set different shift routines for our writers.

According to this plan, we have asked 50% of employees to work from home on a rotating basis. This innovative approach helps employees maintain social distance on the one hand, and it will have no impact on the student’s work. The decision was agreed upon by all the staff members and was implemented immediately.

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British Essay Writers Empire has taken a great initiative which is highly appreciated by the students. However, if you’re considering buying online assignments from us, keep the following in mind.

Be patient: More than 50% of our writers (including editors, proofreaders, consultants, and managers) are working from home, so they probably need time to answer your questions. However, one thing is certain, your question will be answered as soon as possible. We request your support and your patience in this tough time.

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