Nursing is one of the most reputable and valued professions in the healthcare sector that not only fulfils the way to make a living but also help others. Pursuing a nursing degree can open doors to great job opportunities, good salary, and future prospects. These are just a few reasons why a degree in nursing is worth having. To get the most out of it, you need to choose a place where you can get the best quality education. Obviously, if we were to choose one of the places, we would definitely choose the United Kingdom.

If you are planning to study in the UK, continue reading the article as we feature the Best universities for studying nursing in UK, based on their entry standards, quality of education, student satisfaction, and graduate prospects. So without further ado, here is where you can pursue your nursing degree in UK.

Five Best Places To Study Nursing In UK

1. University of Glasgow

The University of Glasgow is listed in the world’s 100 top universities for providing the best Nursing courses in the UK.  It is one of the 23 universities that has been chosen for offering excellent education in Nursing & Healthcare, with an emphasis on research and theoretical learning. The entry requirements of Glasgow is considerably high, those who are selected enjoy the benefits, including postgraduate study choices. Some of the study programs offered by the university are:

  • Bachelor of Nursing (Honours)
  • Masters in Advanced Practice in Healthcare

The School of Nurse & Health Care at the University of Glasgow has a global reputation for providing excellence in teaching, research, and knowledge transfer.

2. University of Edinburgh

If you are looking to study for a nursing degree in UK, University of Edinburgh’s School of Health Sciences is your best bet. There are many options available in this institution. The University offers a wide range of courses at both undergraduate and graduate levels. The undergraduate program will lead you to a Bachelor of Science in nursing, which is officially recognized by a nurse practitioner. If you are an ambitious nurse, you can continue to receive a higher level of education because the university offers several courses that can be pursued for graduate degrees. Some of the postgraduate degree programs offered by the university are:

  • MSC/Diplomas
  • PhD
  • CPD Courses

3. University of Manchester

With its steep ranking over the last few years, the University of Manchester is listed among the top three nursing universities in the UK. Students divide their time between learning the theory and applying it (alternately with other health professionals). With a solid foundation, the University of Manchester offers an array of nursing courses in the UK across a range of disciplines. Some of the courses offered at the university are:

  • BNurs– Adult Nursing
  • BNurs– Child Nursing
  • BNurs– Mental Health
  • BMidwif- Midwifery

4. University of Surrey

Like many other universities offering nursing courses, University of Surrey courses are divided into academic learning and practical experience. Here, students have the opportunity to study a wide range of nursing courses, including midwifery and gynaecology. With exceptional nursing courses, it provides world-class teaching and learning experience to inspire and empower students to succeed in their academic and professional careers.

  • BSc Adult Nursing
  • BSc Paramedic Science
  • BSc Midwifery

At the postgraduate level, the following courses are offered:

  • MSc Leadership in Healthcare
  • MSc Advanced Clinical Practice
  • MSc Primary and Community care
  • Health Sciences PhD

5. University of Southampton

The University of Southampton is listed among the cheapest university to study nursing in the UK, offering excellence in research, learning and education. With over 700+ academic courses, the university offers degree programmes in a wide range of disciplines. Students have the choice to enrol for single or dual programmes in the nursing field with rewarding career prospects in the future. Some of the courses offered at the university are:

  • BSc Adult Nursing
  • BSc Midwifery
  • BSc Paramedic Science
  • MNurs (Adult & Child)
  • MNurs (Child & Mental Health)

That’s all we have on the list of the best nursing universities in UK. People who are planning to study for nursing degree in the UK can look for the program that suits them best and get themselves enrolled in one of the best universities listed above. Those looking for other options can also explore the top universities in the UK.