Are you an avid reader who loves to share the review of your last read?  Writing a book review is a great way of letting your followers know about an exciting new book. Book reviews are magical as they can let you write your thoughts, opinions of a book, share your point of view known with others.

As a reviewer, you are in a position where you can introduce a reader to something they do not know and might want to hear it from you. Many people find it difficult to write a book review and the steps to follow. To help readers better write the best book reviews, we have compiled a list of steps to write a book review.

5 Expert Tips to Write A Book Review

1. Begin with summarizing the book

Before you start sharing your personal insights into this book, briefly write a summary of the book. Write two or three sentences on the introduction to outline the plot. This is probably the best to introduce any review to the reader. Don’t forget to write a book review outline of the book, indicating the scope, subject, and type of book. You want to let the reader know about the content of the book without saying much. Keep it short and sweet!

2. Share the important elements of the book

Share all the important elements of the book that you think is important for the readers to know. It can be divided into different roles, themes, and concept. But, this can vary depending on the book, the genre and your taste. For instance, the students who study nursing in UK had to write reviews and personal reflection on nursing practice. In each of these important aspects, don’t forget to discuss the author and the title.

3. State your opinion

State your point of view of the book when you write a book review. Don’t just say it’s a good book or a bad book, explain why in detail. Support your ideas whether positive or negative with concrete examples in the text. Also, write a simple judgment about the book with a reasonable assessment. Make sure to strike a balance between exchanging opinions without offending other readers who might benefit from it. Finally, try to help potential readers determine whether to read the book or not.

4. Include quotes as examples

It is always a good idea to include quotes, as this provides examples for everything you say. If your review mentions that the character is particularly spiritual, the spiritual lines of the character will allow your readers to know exactly which character you are dealing with. However, note that long quotes can take up a lot of space and affect your review. Short quotes can often clarify your point of view and make your review more clear and easy to read.

5. Write a conclusion

Write a conclusion to summarize your ideas, close the review by writing a comment on the book. Your comment should be based on your personal criticism. Share your final decision about the content, style, and format of the book. You can also close the conclusion by giving personal advice to your potential readers.

Tip for Writing a Book Review

  • Keep it simple: Pay attention to the length and count each word when you write a book review. Long and boring reviews are hard to read and time-consuming. Keep your readers hooked by talking straight to the point.
  • Do not forget to proofread: Make sure the spelling and grammar are correct. No one will read a review full of mistakes and it won’t be taken seriously.
  • Do not be mean: Remember that you are reviewing a book in which another person has put all his heart and soul to write. Express your honest opinion, but do not be mean. Imagine if your book were peer-reviewed, would you like the reader to express criticism?

To sum up

Reviewing a book can be a lot of work but it can bring you joy. We hope these steps will help you write a book review perfectly. If you are still confused and need more guidance, you can find many book review examples on the internet. Alternatively, you can ask from experts at British Essay Writers Empire to write a book review to manage your workload. Bibliophiles can consider public libraries in London to explore a huge collection of books to read. For the starters, you can write a review of our blog in the comments section or post a suggestion for us to cover in the next blog.