A topic sentence mainly highlights the subject in the paragraph section and defines the main boundaries of the topic. This is the most important part of the paragraph section. If you are wondering how to start writing an essay and wonder how to complete it on time, start with the two words ‘Topic Sentence’. This is the most important key to essay writing and maintain the process. After understanding this, you will find out where the task is going and its structure.

Now that you understand the importance of the topic sentence, let’s move on to discussing how to start paragraph with a good topic sentence to appeal readers.

Steps To Write a Perfect Topic Sentence to Engage the Readers

1. Share Your Ideas

The topic sentence is likely to be the primary sentence of the paragraph section, start sentence with attention grabber. Make sure the topic is simple and clearly expressed. You should also include your ideas and thoughts on it, but make sure that the sentences selected are relevant to your suggestions.

2. Maintain Balance Between Paragraphs And Topic Sentences

Remember, the topic sentence should be related to your paper. In any case, please ensure that your sentence maintains a balance between wide and narrow. For example:

  • Don’t be too vague or give a general idea, because you can’t define it in one section.
  • Don’t try to make a statement that is too narrow because you can’t discuss too much as it may be a reality.
  • Instead, choose a good alignment that is neither wide nor narrow.

3. Capture the Readers Attention

As we all know that a topic sentence plays a crucial role in attracting the attention of readers. Therefore, if you want to know how to grab reader’s attention, you need to make suggestions on topics so that they can easily impress readers. For this, the editors at British Essay Writers Empire suggest an approach that includes the method directly in the exercise, but completely depends on the type of paper. You can impress your readers in the following ways:

  • If your assignment contains dialogue boxes, you can use the dialogue boxes from the very beginning.
  • You can draw a feeling or emotion to attract the reader’s attention.
  • You can use meaningful language to make the work interesting.
  • Do not try to ask rhetorical questions to create a dramatic effect.

4. Share Your Opinion

After completing the topic sentence, the main text will be written to prove your topic sentence. Therefore, you should point out what can be easily proved by evidence. You can also include interesting facts and share your opinions. This is a good tip to keep the reader focused throughout the assignment.

5. Keep The Sentences Clear And Concise

The topic sentence should be clear and short so readers cannot skip them while reading. This will help make your intentions clear. Since we all know that the topic sentence is average in the paragraph, it should be written in a clear way to avoid ruining the flow of the entire paragraph.

6. Use The Topic Sentence As A Bridge Between The Previous Paragraph And The Next Paragraph

You can use topic sentences to link the paragraphs together, as they can be used as a transition to guide the readers through the main points. Therefore, you can add words like “in addition” and “on the contrary” to stay relevant and show the connection between the ideas.

Whether it is an essay, an article or an assignment, the topic sentence is one of the important things to consider when writing. Of course the reason is to stay relevant and developing the connection between the paragraphs. So when you are doing assignment writing you make sure to practice keeping the parapgraphs connected to be meaningful. In this way, you can engage readers to read all without skipping and get a good readership.

Common Mistakes to Avoid When Writing Topic Sentence

  • Do not start your topic sentence before you are given an opinion.
  • Do not reveal everything you want to discuss in the following paragraphs. As a result, readers lose interest.
  • Try to write a sentence about your topic clearly and meaningfully. If you use complex words that the reader cannot see clearly, all your efforts will go in vain.
  • Don’t start a topic sentence with a quote. The reason is that you should always start the topic with your own opinion, not that of others.
  • Name something that you can explain further, because if you mention such a statement in the topic sentence that you cannot explain, this means that you will have to continue with this in the following paragraphs.

Ending Note

We hope that you will find this blog helpful in understanding how to write a perfect topic sentence to attract and engage readers throughout. Take help from the above-mentioned tips and you can successfully submit a flawless paper and score excellent marks.