Writing a literature review of aresearch paper requires reading manydifferent literature sources. Understating the current state of knowledge,previous researches conducted on the topic, and notable theories related toyour subject is important to analyse the literature. The purpose of writing aliterature review is to acknowledge your reader of the theories, results andmethods that previous authors have found in a particular discipline. Literaturereview also serves the purpose as secondary research to highlight the informationthat is already there.

Manystudents who are asked to write a dissertation struggle with the concept ofliterature review. The first thing when they have to write a dissertation is how to write a literature review?How long it should be? How to organize it? A good literature review is wellstructured and the ideas presented therein are logical. To write a flawlessliterature review, ensure that all the references and sources used are currentand relevant. In addition, look into the literature review guidelines to reference theseresources properly.

Thecontent of the literaturereview in dissertation should:

  • Divide your workinto concepts and categories based on your position.
  • Outline theissues, topics or theories you are considering.
  • Link yourprevious studies with your work and other sources.
  • Write conclusionsand discuss the contributions to your topic.

If you want to include other works in the literature review, do not forget to pay attention to the author’s qualifications, opinions and reliability, and the value of the conclusions. Use transition words and communicate to show the transition between ideas and assessments.

7 Tips To Write AnEffective Literature Review For Your Dissertation

Focus on the content, structure, and style

A literature review demonstratesyour understanding of the topic discussed in the paper. The aim is to conveyall the information to the reader regarding a particular topic that has beenstudied. Combining all the research into a logical literature review can be adaunting task, especially if you have perfectionist affinities. You might thinkthat experts can easily write well-structured reviews in first attempt. Infact, even the best writers struggle with writing literature review and relyheavily on the techniquesof literature review.

  • Make a literature outline for your review in the beginning.
  • Write your paper by following the literature review structure,add content, and perfect the style and form in the end.

Conduct wide research

Inorder to write an effective literature review, you should read a lot ofliterature to obtain more information. You must not only search for onlineresources, but also libraries, scientific databases, and unusual resources.Therefore, it is best to do extensive research in many databases.

Key themes

Youshould highlight the main themes in the document. It is best for readers tounderstand the topics highlighted in the literature so that they can understandwhat is written in the literature review and other sections.

Do criticism

Whenyou describe sources, you can criticize them, express your opinion, and agreeor disagree with the authors of those sources. Do not be afraid to criticizeparticularly when it is a critical literature review. A critical approach isfollowed when writing a literature review to discuss the original analysis andarguments. If you do not do it, you will have trouble understanding your position.

Rewrite the parts several times

Evenafter you have finished this chapter, you can go back and modify it or addother sources. You can also edit it in a few days. When you return to thischapter, please read several times to learn how to edit.

Determine the scope of the review

Youcannot name all sources related to the subject, so you must identify the scope.This will help you select and describe the most important work in this area. Itis a good skill to understand the extensive literature review that needs to bedone and the projects that need to be posted.

Use correct reference style

Referencestyles and literature review projects vary from one university to another. Youmust read the requirements of the assignment and modify the document as required.If you do not know your requirements when creating a literature review for yourwork, you may need the help of your teacher.

Ifyou do not know how to write an effective literature review for yourdissertation paper, these tips will help you. So now you know how to write aneffective literature review for your dissertation. If you are looking for essaywriting tips, you can also find them to improve your essay writing.